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4 Reasons to Earn Your HSED

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Click to display largerReceiving your High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) will transform your life. You will have a higher chance of keeping a well-paying job, enjoy better health, educate and inspire those around you, and experience personal growth. You will be able to dream big and move forward in your life.

Attaining your HSED will open many doors for you. In today’s job market, a college degree is very important. By obtaining your HSED, you will have the opportunity to further your education in college, ultimately leading to many job opportunities. According to the Adult Literacy in Iowa study conducted by the National Adult Literacy Survey, the more education respondents’ parents had completed, the more education they themselves were likely to have completed —and the higher their literacy proficiencies were likely to be. By obtaining your diploma you will become a role model and break the cycle of low literacy that may be occurring within your own children, family, and even friends.

Career Opportunities
A major benefit of obtaining an HSED is that you are more likely to have a job with a higher salary. It is possible that from this job you will also receive health insurance and retirement benefits. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average-wage earner in the U.S. makes about $812 per week while an adult without a high school diploma or equivalent earns only $472. In Iowa, adults with a higher average literacy level work more weeks, on average, than individuals in the lower levels. By earning an HSED, you will be on the path to a secure economic future and greater career opportunities.

Personal Growth
According to ProLiteracy, in the U.S. today there are 36 million adults who can't read at a higher level than the average third grader. Without basic reading, writing, math, and computer skills, one may experience low self-esteem. Iowa residents with relatively fewer years of education demonstrated lower literacy proficiencies than those who completed high school or some postsecondary education. By obtaining your HSED you will be able to gain a sense of pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment. By improving your own life, you will be inspired to give back to others. Research by CNCS reports that giving back by volunteering provides individual health benefits, such as greater functional ability and lower rates of depression, in addition to social benefits.

Another reason to pursue your HSED is to protect your health. ProLiteracy describes that patients with low literacy skills have a 50% increased risk of hospitalization. Nearly half of American adults with low literacy have difficulty understanding and using health information. With a lack of understanding, one is unable to make appropriate health decisions, and that may result in higher health costs. By earning a diploma, you will have a better understanding to make informed decisions. Also, you will most likely have financial assistance from your job through your health insurance.

At present, 36 million American adults need literacy help, and only 3 million of them will be lucky enough to receive that help. In Iowa, more than 250,000 people do not have their high school diploma. Your Future Starts Here can help you become one of the lucky ones and start you on your path to earning your HSED. Every adult has the ability to fulfill his or her life through literacy. Forge YOUR path by earning your HSED.

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